I didn't know where to post this and didn't want it to get lost in the fray of things down in the online journals but I wanted to give people and idea as to my journey to 220's OR UNDER and my plan to take home a raw national title! My goal is to keep my lifts the same and try to get down as much as possible. I took a look in the mirror and realized that as a strength coach/personal trainer that not only would it be better for me to "look" the part..but prove that I can do as I preach as well to not only motivate my clients, the readers, but myself.

The only supplements I'm taking are Atlarge Nutrition products. My diet is very strict and consists of lean means, quality carbs, and making eating on time everytime a habit! I plan to lay out photos, thoughts and feelings, etc. in this write up and atleast get in here and post once a week.

I started out this thing a couple weeks ago when I realized that I weighed in a whopping 274 and some change and needed to do something about it. Granted my lifting has been going decent but there's no sense in gaining weight or staying heavy for that matter if nothing is coming of it either in the gym or health outside. Blood pressure has been abit high and I've been feeling like a slob most of the time when I'm not in there laying in, under, on, or around the bench. I really liked and was motivated by the read and the work done by our very own WBB member UNHOLY! Dude looks amazing and is an inspiration!

As of today..this morning before having my first meal I weighed in at 259.2lbs. The lowest I've been in a year and I'm ELATED! Every week that goes by I'm steadily dropping weight and the gym weights actually still feel easy if not EASIER due to the quality of food I'm ingesting. I've been sticking only with NITREAN, RESULTS, and NITOR at the moment. I think Nitor is the only thing saving me from becoming a raving lunatic throughout the day. I have sustainable but not high as a kite energy and even when I have a client at 5am and don't see me last one til 10pm I'm still going solid.

The plan is to eat 6-7 times a day...atleast 6 with my meals consisting of protien, oatmeal for breakfast and PWO shakes, and lean meats with brown rice, veggies, etc. The first few days were hard but now I'm finally to a point where all I want is the food that I've required myself to eat and love the way it makes me feel when I eat it. I haven't even touched an energy drink save one low carb monster. I plan to have ONE CHEAT MEAL only when I can't stand it any longer. I had my plan reviewed by the newly crowned IFBB LW women's pro and buddy of mine lori steele who says I'm good as gold with how I laid it out.

My lifting plans are staying the same. Rehab the back and get the squat respectable, keep trying to climb in the deadlift (which shouldn't be a problem and tends to go up when i drop weight), and keep the bench where it's at. If I can keep my numbers and perform in the meets what I do in the gym I should be a top contender. Cardio is very light...steady state for 30-45 mins on an empty stomach in the AM after my first client and at the moment only on my "off" days of lifting until the weight loss stops. I've got plenty of fat on me so I shouldn't feel too crappy for awhile. Somedays I get loopy but nothing typically associated with heavy diets. Here's to it!

I've already had 3 meals today...I'll weigh in again monday morning and stick with the diet as best as possible while i'm out of town this weekend. The layout follows along like this..

meal 1) 2 scoops nitrean and oatmeal shake
meal 2) 4-6oz of lean meat and brown rice
meal 3) same as 2
meal 4) same as 2 with results pre-workout
meal 5) 2 scoops nitrean in a PWO shake
meal 6) same as 2
and meal 7 will be the same as meal 2 unless I start to level out then I'll exhange with a salad or some veggies....

so far this is paying off BIG!

One of the main reasons I'm posting this is to not only hopefully motivate those here just like UNHOLY did me but also give you an idea as to what some of you might go through that have alot to lose and also hold myself accountable making my journey open. I know it's a diet thread..but it's just one piece of this large puzzle I'm trying to put together to make one of my biggest goals this year! Let's see if it's all worth the hardship..Welcome to the pain.