239.2!!! HEEEYOOOOH!!! and feeling GOOD! Looking especially skinny today in clothes but liking what I'm seeing in the mirror! My goal is 230 and it's looking like I should make it sooner than later! I'm also hoping not to drop down into the 220's to make my goal of 15% bodyfat. I'll be happy with the low teens after this has all started. March will makr the end of 12 weeks..12 weeks that SHOULD've already been over had I buckled down and stuck to this tighter than I did. Got kinda lazy after reaching my goal of 35lbs lost. I've also discovered that MEAL TIMING is CRITICAL if you're looking to maximize workouts while cutting. I made sure I did it perfect yesterday since I had to bench so late every monday. Ended up smoking 365 and missing 405 twice (just too heavy..should've went for 385). I DID however end up with 225 for 3 sets of 20 to finish and LOVED the amount of energy I had! I didn't do any extra accessory work due to all the benching save pullups but man what a PR on rep/sets almost 40lbs lighter than I was last time I hit it!