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Thread: Nylon/Velcro Belts - Are They Good?

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    Nylon/Velcro Belts - Are They Good?

    My double prong leather belt is starting to crack and I'm toying with the idea of buying a nylon & velcro belt.

    I can get this one for ~$20

    Anyone have experience with using this style of belt?

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    good for benching but not much else....... the spud inc belts are better but IMO nothing beats a heavy leather belt for squatting and pulling........
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    I agree with Barzeen. It would be fine to bench in but I think you be disappointed in it to squat and pull. It's hard to have 1 perfect belt for all 3 lifts. I use a heavy lever belt to squat, but a 10mm BB tapered single prong belt to bench and DL in. The narrow front still keeps my shirt down and doesn't interfere when I 'belly up' on benches. It also doesn't interfere much with getting down to the bar to deadlift and still gives good back support. If budget will only allow getting one belt, I'd go with Barzeen's suggestion of a 13mm single prong or lever belt (I hate double prong belts!). It'll cost you more now but should last your whole career unless you out grow it. Check ebay and you may find a bargain on one. Just search 'powerlifting' once you get to the home page.
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