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Thread: Accessory failure on 5/3/1?

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    Accessory failure on 5/3/1?

    Just a quick question I got my buddy started on 5/3/1 and military press day is usually the hardest day for both of us.

    Using the Triumvirate system outlined in 5/3/1

    We did military's (week 3)

    Chin ups

    Chin ups/Pull ups:
    My first two sets of pull ups/chins I hit 10 easily by my third set I started failing at 8~9 (Mad weak I know)

    My buddy does weight assisted pull ups because he can't do the high reps just yet.

    On Dips:
    I did the 15 reps for 3 sets and then started failing at around 12

    We were moving kinda fast today because both my friend and I had stuff to do after the gym but after each set it seems like the amount of dips we were able to do just kept going down and down.

    My buddy really beats himself up about it so I am wondering should we continue down this path? Or is there something else I can suggest to him that won't make him feel so bad?

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    I wouldn't feel bad about it. Why would you think that you should automatically do all those reps without building up to them?

    You can keep going the way you're doing them now, or you can lower the rep expectations until you've built up your ability.

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    Sounds about normal to me. Im more into the boring but big accessory work (5 sets of 10 of the days lift) then i do my other accessory lifts afterward, that way i dont feel bad about only pushing out 10 weight assisted dips.

    Do the work, do it to the best of your ability and stop worrying, gains will come.

    edit: also try some of the other accessory work if youre burning out on the triumvirate. a little variety goes a long way with your mental health.
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    Thanks for the replies all
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    What you are doing sounds OK, but I would be careful about going essentially to failure on every set of your assistance work. This can burn you out pretty quickly. If you can do sets of 10 pull-ups, start with 3 sets of 8. The next week add a rep to the first two sets then keep progressing each week by adding a couple total reps. When you reach your max capability for 3 sets, drop the reps a bit again and work back up and you should reach a higher peak each time.

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    From my experience going to failure on bw exercises such as dips, pullups, pushups etc is not a big deal and can be done much more often then an exercise such as squats or dls.

    So I would not worry about it. Just try to add more reps each week. The when you get to a good number of reps add weight.

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    Tell him not to stress about it... Did you buy the book? Jim says basically not to worry about assistance much, cuz it's JUST ASSISTANCE. The work sets are what needs to be focused on.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AKMass View Post
    Tell him not to stress about it... Did you buy the book? Jim says basically not to worry about assistance much, cuz it's JUST ASSISTANCE. The work sets are what needs to be focused on.
    Just what I was thinking.
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    The same exact thing happened to me after a couple weeks off when I switched to 5/3/1 from S.S. But it's no big deal. For the rest of the accessory lifts though, I keep the weight high enough to work but low enough so I don't come close to failing.

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