Just a quick question I got my buddy started on 5/3/1 and military press day is usually the hardest day for both of us.

Using the Triumvirate system outlined in 5/3/1

We did military's (week 3)

Chin ups

Chin ups/Pull ups:
My first two sets of pull ups/chins I hit 10 easily by my third set I started failing at 8~9 (Mad weak I know)

My buddy does weight assisted pull ups because he can't do the high reps just yet.

On Dips:
I did the 15 reps for 3 sets and then started failing at around 12

We were moving kinda fast today because both my friend and I had stuff to do after the gym but after each set it seems like the amount of dips we were able to do just kept going down and down.

My buddy really beats himself up about it so I am wondering should we continue down this path? Or is there something else I can suggest to him that won't make him feel so bad?