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    Some Advice Please Guys...

    Hey Guys Im pretty new at all this and would like some advice if it's not too much bother. I'm male, 24, 5'11" and 74kg... Last year I was a victim of assault, I was jumped by two guys in the street who caved my skull in with a large glass ashtray... I've been in and out of hospital for the last 8 months and have 2 months left before the docs say they've dona all they can do.
    Understandably I've lost a bit of weight (12kg) over this period and my aerobic fitness has gone right out of the window...

    My primary aim at this point is to regain my aerobic fitness and to regain at least some of the weight of lost, and also trim off some body fat if possible.

    I've always been a big runner and swimmer (formerly a commercial diver) but since neurosurgury I find both of these activities cause major headaches (less so with swimming), but i am now in the process of setting up a home gym (on a budget).

    I have so far:
    a rowing machine (magnetic)
    curved bar
    straight bar
    10kg dumbell (one only)
    various weights (2.5kg - 20kg)

    I am trying to work out a weekly ruitine to stick to but dont have the full equipment list to follow most of the ones i read about, nor the understanding of bodybuilding to write my own..

    Any advice or help you guys could give me would be great, whether its a ruitine, what not to do, equipment to buy, what not to buy ect...

    At present and for the next 2 months I am free 24/7 so really wanna make the most of this time while I can.

    Also looking to buy: bench press, dumbells and skipping rope..

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    You have minimal equipment and you are deconditioned. I would start by getting your conditioning up while you gather more needed equipment to start some real strength/muscle workouts. There are a couple of good articles on this site about "complexes." You can start with those as your main workouts a couple of days a week and do some cardio a couple of days a week. This will get your conditioning back and build a little muscle.

    Then you need to gather some equipment like a power cage and such. You'll need this to do some of the most productive exercises like heavy squats and presses. Or just join a good gym that has power cages. This site has many good beginner strength routines on it. I'd really look at Starting Strength because you'll get a lot of support from the members here if you run into problems.

    Knowing what I do now, I would have follwed this advice myself when I started. It's just a good way to start and will pay off big later on.

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    Thanks man I'll Get onto it, cheers.

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    Sorry to hear about your unfortunate situation with those scumbags.

    Off Road gave great advice. Definately look into getting a power rack or joining a gym with one. You will quickly outgrow the amount of weight you have. Building your own home gym can be rewarding yet expensive. Honestly, I would try joining a gym first and if this is something you enjoy then build your own home gym because too many times people do not stick to lifting and waste a ton of money on equipment.

    Base your routine around squat, dl, oh press, bench press, rows, and pullups and you will be on your way.

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    yeah no worries mate, at this point a gym membership is a bit out the question simply because i live in the sticks and cant drive for another 3 months (standard following neuro surgury). I should be able to at least get things started though... anything is better than nothing...

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    Try buying a squat rack or a bench. And dumbells and with the dumbells you can do squats as well. Basicly buy a squat rack and a bench and one 45 pound olympic bar no need for more than one bar. Good Luck and you can get good deals on weights off ebay or your online amazon or such.

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