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Thread: MMA & WS4SB in Evening

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    MMA & WS4SB in Evening

    Hey guys,

    Quickly, just about me. I'm 64kg, have had 10 mma fights, looking to have 5-6 more this year. I'm trying to move up weights from 63kg to 65kg-66kg (so I wanna walk around about 67kg-68kg).

    Really been enjoying WS4SB, it's been great... I've loved the extra strength I'm gaining from it (only been 3 weeks but already feeling a little stronger and put on about 1.5ibs).

    I'm looking to get stronger, but also putting on a little bit of weight would be very good for me. Now for the past 3 weeks I havn't trained MMA and WS4SB three has worked really well for me doing four days a week (two upper / two lower).

    Starting today I am back doing MMA four days a week (I have cut one day a week - circuits because I think in terms of weight gain that'll kill/slow my gains completely). How does this schedule work do you think:

    Monday PM: 5:00pm Upperbody WS4SB. Protein Shake andCarbs at 5:45 upon finishing. 6:30pm MMA (2 hours)

    Tuesday PM: 5:00pm Dynamic Lower Body Day WS4SB. Protein Shake and Carbs at 5:45. 6:30pm Sparring (1 hour).

    Wednesday PM: Just MMA (2 hours)

    Thursday: Just Max Effort Upper Body WS4SB.

    Friday PM: 4:30pm Max Effort Lower Body Day. Protein Shake and Carbs at 5:45. 6:30 MMA Sparring.

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    Just a quick answer, diet is what will put weight on you.

    Once you up your calorie intake by a fair bit your weight will go up.

    Hope this helps, I used to wrestle and box and found it pretty hard to put on weight but it can be done.
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