Thought I'd get this down as a first draft and too also see what you guys think.

- There is a variation of exercises, mostly compound but altogether it's balanced with pulling and pushing movements.
- Hitting the major muscle groups with compound movements twice a week, there more frequent muscle stimulation allowing for more greater muscle growth.
- Ramping (Flat Pyramids) will focus more on efficiently developing the CNS.

Training: 4 times a week
Goal: Hypertrophy
Sets; 4 - 6
Reps: 3 - 5
Loading: Flat Pyramids

Certainly not perfect, but as I've said it's only a first draft, I've probably missed a few things and not thought about everything. However, my main concern is the loading, balancing volume and intensity. Really it's only the final sets with the ramping style which will typically be the ones worked with extreme effort, as the sets will start at 50% 1RM and be ramped up to maximum effort between 80-90%.

A1) Step Ups
A2) Stiff Leg Deadlift
B1) Push Press
B2) Seated Dumbbell Overhead Press
C) Plank + Straight Leg Obliques

A1) Chin-Up
A2) Floor Fly
B1) Preacher Curl
B2) Tricep Dips

A1) Sumo Deadlift
A2) Single leg press
B1) Dumbbell Lateral Raise
B2) Dumbbell Upright Row

A1) Low-Incline Dumbbell Bench Press
A2) Seated Row
B1) Dumbbell Hammer Curl
B2) Single Arm Extension
C) Side Plank + V-Sits

Useful criticism and thoughts are welcome?