I have done 6 raw meets since i started powerlifting I have done 1 geared meet. My next meet is the SPF Iron house in April, (i will lift in single ply) and I am thinking of doing an ADAU meet in my hometown in May 4 weeks after.

I was thinking about how I should train for both of these meets and if I could handle two meet so close together.
I think I can handle it and after talking to my coach (Ryan Celli ) and the other guys at the gym it shouldn't be a problem.

I believe my biggest obstacle will be how much abuse my body can take. I have learned that training in gear will tear the body down. The increase in heavy weight that the gear allows you to lift will take a toll on the body. You throw in the need to train as raw as long as possible and it could lead to being totally beat up.
Here is an example from my last 2 workouts
Last bench day

bench warmed and did triples all the way up to 425 for 3.
Put the shirt on and started doing board presses.
450 for 3 with 4 board
500 for 3 with 3 board
560 for 3 with 3 board.

then i did incline dumbell presses and went up to 140's for 6

did some tricep work.

The following day was speed work for squats, ended with 6 sets with 285 and 120 lbs of chains. (60 second rest).

(on my heavy squat days I don't put my suit on until I get 550 or more)

ok, so 1 day later and i am trashed!!!!!!! My entire body feels as if someone worked me over with a bat!

Maybe I am whinning, maybe not. But I see this as being the main issue. I will need to train raw as much as possible, but I will also need to make sure I get enough gear work in to know how to use it properly.

(although my last meet was successful I could have done more).

I also realize that I will need to make sure I warm up properly and make use of the foam roller, lacross ball, etc. (cardio is a must)

Might even have to throw in some active recovery like kettlebell work and sled pulling.

anybody have any other thoughts?