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Thread: Training Day at TPS in Boston area

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    Training Day at TPS in Boston area

    For those of you within drving distance of Boston, there is another training day at TPS. A training day is like a working seminar with whomever decides to show up that day. They are an absolute blast. It's this Saturday, the 23rd. Matt, Murph, and the gang are a very knowledgeable crew. They have everything you need for powerlifting, strongman, and getting bigger, faster, and stronger.

    Matt's an excellent lifter and a great coach. He has helped me a ton. If I were not competing next week I'd be there. I had a great time at the last one. Go show Rhodes some love. If interested give Matt a call at 617-387-5998.

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    Thank Vincent. I hope some guys will come out. I'll talk to you soon, Cenzo.

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    Multiple thumbs up on these TPS training days...
    We brought some guys down from NH for the BP day back in Nov... it was awesome.. if you don't have an experienced crew to train with, you can learn more in 2 hrs then the last 2 yrs...

    All of our guys set PRs that day..
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    As long as there is no water in the way everything is in driving distance... I've made the drive to Boston several times now, it's only 22 hours. If I had gas money I would come up.

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