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Thread: Deadlift frequency

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    Deadlift frequency

    How many days per week are you guys deadlifting. Right now I am DL'ing once a week on Monday and then squatting on Friday. Is this enough or should I DL twice a week?
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    I'd beat the tar out of myself deadlifting twice per week.
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    powerlifting 30 yrs, i do squat and deads same day as that is what u do in meets, one week off the floor,next low pin in racks

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    I think once a week is plenty. If you are making progress keep doing what you are doing.
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    I Squat and pull on the same day but alternate speed and heavy work each week. i also wave my pull with percents and exercises.
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    Monday: Heavy Squat
    Wed: Deadlift variants (RDLS, Stiff leg sumos, conventional band pulls, pulls off blocks) Try for competition style PR every 6 weeks
    Friday: Light squat with special bar (ssb, cambered bar, front squat harness)
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    Most weeks I deadlift twice. It's rarely a competition style deadlift though. I use a lot of deadlift variants and reps. There's a huge difference between a competition style max and SLDL for sets of 5.
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    i pull full range of motion every week on my speed days and every other week on heavy days. the weeks i don't pull full range of motion on my heavy day i pull from pins just below my knees. and i change up my stance once or twice a month from sumo to conventional to make my muscles work differently.
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