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    Ouch, my knees..

    Hey, I'm a powerlifter from the U.K. 22 years old and currently lifting in the 110kg (242) class. If I'm being honest I'm starting this log as I've got coursework due and I'm awful for procrastination. It's also a more convenient way of tracking my progress and I'm fed up of losing pages out of log books..

    Best lifts are 240kg (~530lbs) squat, 180kg (~400lbs) bench and 320kg (~700lbs) deadlift all raw, I blame my squat on my knees, bench on my lack of knowledge around training and put my pulling down to luck. Got my first outing back in the 110s tomorrow at a national qualifier, I'm not going to move the earth but I should get the total I need. Fingers crossed.

    Currently roughly following wendlers 5/3/1.
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