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Thread: Jason Coker - 903lb bench at 220lbs!!

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    He said on outlaws all his lifts are up so maybe his pull is up some too Ron C....he sure wasnt lying bout his bench lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by bencher8 View Post
    That was a crazy strong lift!

    My thought watching this lift was I cant believe how much he tucks his elbows in the bottom. I know you are supposed to tuck, but that was crazy! I didnt think he could come out of the bottom with his arms tucked that hard....he got them back out though and killed it.

    Congrats Jason!
    Bench8, when Jason first started coming up to Big Iron in Omaha he didn't tuck very much, just the necessary amount, I know because I did the same. Rick stresses tucking the elbows and tucking them hard. The important aspect about when and how to tuck is timing the tuck.

    Anyways, technique is so critical in the shirt that pointing things out like this can give people ideas of what to look for and learn.
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    That was a great lift! Congrats

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