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Thread: Poor Man's Clean Bulk Food

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    speaking of Sam's, you can get 5lbs of EAS protein for 27 bucks.
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    759 has a deal for 25lbs of whey protein concentrate for $99.99
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    Quote Originally Posted by Unholy View Post
    As far as cheap protein sources go I have found that powder tends to be the cheapest for me.

    I like to cook with whey and it cuts down my meal costs by a TON.

    5lb tubs of PB from Wegmans are awesome for around 5-6 bucks.

    Sludge is cheap PB+Whey+warm water to get a thick pudding like consistancy.

    As far as carb sources go, pasta is redic cheap. 8 servings for 1$. Cereal is pretty inexpensive, as is rice. I always buy house brand or stuff thats on sale.

    Whey + Milk shake poured over cereal is a fave for pre/pwo.

    Eggs are $1 for a dozen and you can add in whey to make protein pancakes, top with bananas and PB for a win combo.

    As far as fruit, bananas tend to be the cheapest around here.

    Meats are the most expensive so lately I haven't been buying them.

    Believe me when I tell you that I know about eating on a budget. I can eat for a week for 20-25 bucks no problem.

    You live in Queens where it's cheaper.

    I don't have that luxury. I think I do very well for myself but it's not $25 a week. (god I wish!)
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