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Thread: How many of you read your own log

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    How many of you read your own log

    I'm just curious to know how many of you go back and read your own log? If you don't, you should. Over the years I have seen things that I have done well and changed for no good reason. When I go back and read sometimes, it makes my go "Hmmm, now why did I do that?"

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    I've only been keeping a log for about 3 months now. It makes a huge difference in my ability to program and evaluate.

    Maybe you changed some things up because you wanted more variety? That seems to be my reason when I switch things up a little.
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    Wannabebig New Member Penguinz's Avatar
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    Not really anything worth looking back on doing SS. I'm pretty sure I can remember all the important stuff . My log is only really useful for keeping track of weights so I don't forget them.

    Definitely plan on keeping some long term logs (already picked some logbooks up). Hopefully they will be prove themselves to be worthwhile. Just got to remember to log my stuff better.

    To answer your question no, I haven't. I will however make sure to once I get a history of training under my belt. Mark Rippetoe told me too!

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    Good thread.

    yeah I go back every so often and look at my overall training cycles. I also use it to check PRs when I plan on doing a certain ME exercise but can't remember what my previous PR is to know what I need to hit.

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    It's a lot easier for me to look over training weeks at a time when I have a hardcopy in front of me (small spiral notebooks). If it's an online log, scrolling and clicking is a pain.
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    I have about 6-7 years worth of training logs that I go back and read regularly. If I hit a plateau or a certain program isn't working right, I'll go back and look at what I was doing when I was improving on a certain lift. This is how I got my DL sorted out over the last few months. I especially like to look at the logs when I was at my worst. When I was dealing with depression, when I broke my shoulder; I like to see how I dealt with adversity in those situations and it helps me to appreciate how far I have come.

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    I have logs going back about 5 years. I do occassionally go back and look at what I was doing when I was making good progress on a particular lift. Sometimes it reminds me of something I was doing back then that I had forgotten about.

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    I track my bodyweight with everything else and used that info to figure out what actually worked for me. I also use to to see what programming I was using when I hit previous PRs.
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    Senior Member tnathletics2b's Avatar
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    It is very encouraging for me to go back and read my log because I started it after an injury and it is nice to see progress. It is also nice to analyze what seems to be working and what doesn't. I also keep track of diet thoughts and measurements, and it is nice to be able to see a progression (or lack thereof) my reading my old notes.

    EDIT: I also read other people's from beginning to end to see what I can learn from them, too.
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    I have logs going back about 4 years. I look back at some of what I've done and go, "WTF?" What is worse is when I remember what I did 20 years ago. Its no wonder I didn't make much progress.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Travis Bell View Post
    Good thread.

    yeah I go back every so often and look at my overall training cycles. I also use it to check PRs when I plan on doing a certain ME exercise but can't remember what my previous PR is to know what I need to hit.
    This is me, as well. I've got everything kept in an Excel spreadsheet and use it to plan my next month's training and check PRs.
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    funny you mention this.. Yesterday I was just reading my log from 2004..
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    THE IRON NEVER LIES given'er's Avatar
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    I go back every once in awhile just to see the progress I've been making.

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    EVery time I read through my prep log I wanna cry.
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    On this site I have only had one for a short time. But, I have a log on another site that I have had for about 5 years and I love to go see how much progress I have made. I like to go back and see what worked and what didn't.

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    Wannabebig Member achilles89's Avatar
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    My handwritten notebook is the one I pore over between sets, on the way to the gym etc. Even for lifts I performed a long time ago I can relive the experience like getting two plates on each side but my ass was off the bench just by looking at my notes.

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    I like to go back and look for things I forgot about. Especially after a meet whe its time to prepare for the next cycle
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