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Thread: my workout plan

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    my workout plan

    Hi im 17 and i have started this bodybuilding routine since christmas i has been going well, but recently i have decided to change my workout to incorporate the powerlifts because right now getting stronger is more important than hypertrphophy(id rather be strong than just look huge yet still want a graduall size increase). I am relatively weak -bench 187 pounds-weight154 pounds-5 foot 7.4 inches thats the only powerlift i have been doing i have written out a new workout regime but i think it might be too much
    (note it says homegym because i alternate between a small gym and a full sized gym with access to more equipment incl. bench and squat rack.)
    Mon – legs at the big gym
    Squat maximal
    Leg extensions/presses
    Calf raises

    Tue – chest/triceps/delts/shoulders
    Pec press machine
    Dumbel presses and flys speed/explosive
    Tricep pushdowns
    Arnold presses

    Wed-back bicep and forearm at big gym
    Pulldowns-pullups and one arm rows
    Bicep curls
    Forearm extentions

    Thursday-leg /speed at home gym
    Vertical jumps
    Calf raises
    Core workout
    Speed squats with light weight

    Fri- back –home gym
    Calf raises
    Shoulder shrugs

    Saturday-pushing muscle groups at big gym
    Arnold presses

    Sunday – back
    Bicep curls
    Cardio-rowing machine

    i know it might seem much but i wouldnt consider myself a "hardgainer" i recover relatively well.
    i might upload photo later so you can get a grasp on my bone structure somatype etc.
    mind my spelling

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    Looks like WAY too much work to me... when it stops working for you, and it will soon, try doing a pre-made routine by people that really know what they're doing.

    A couple things I would dump from your plan right away are:
    Sunday, Thursday, any direct forearm work...hell I'd probably ditch Friday too.
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    Wow! That's a lot! Trying to build every aspect at once?
    Good luck and let us know how you get along with that.

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    hmmm i thought it was too much and i thought i would get sum grief about it
    i know more about bodybuilding than powerlifitng and this might seem stupid but i maybe thought recovery time wasn't as important for maximal strength gains.
    the thing is im getting a bit too bulcky and im still even not that strong. maybe you can reccomend a site for me.

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    Recovery is always important regardless if you're training for bodybuilding or powerlifting. Your overall volume is too much to be geared towards powerlifting and also with powerlifting you don't want to split the workouts up by bodyparts. it would be much more effective to do a push/pull split or an upper/lower split. That way you have plenty of time to recovery.

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