I'm currently training for a USAPL meet on March 20th. I came back from christmas break around 195-196 lbs, and through carb cycling and increased cardio I've managed to get down to a morning bodyweight of 187-189.

I'm about 7.5 weeks out from the meet, and I expect to come close to my goal weight of 181 through my current dieting/cardio regimen. But i was wondering, in case I fall short, what would be a realistic amount of weight to lose for a 2 hour weigh in without sacrificing performance? Does anyone here have experience cutting for said competitions? Any recommendations? I have read a couple of articles and it sounds like the general recommendation is to:

1. increase daily water consumption to ~2gal/day 1 week out from meet
2. Cut out most carbs and focus on items such as sweet potatoes about 5 days out from meet
3. cut out all food/water intake 12 hrs prior to weigh in, along with eating a lemon/drinking coffee with your last glass of water before stopping water intake.

Thanks in advance. Assuming I hit my goal weight of 181, at least this will be here to help others.