Protein Pancakes

4-6 Egg Whites (2 for every pancake)
30g-45g protein powder per pancake (15g per pancake)

5 Large Egg Whites - 85 calories, 15g of protein
Whey Protein Powder - 150 Calories, 30g Protein
Total: 235 calories, 45g protein, 2g carbs, 2.5g fat, 1.2g sat fat.

You can also add in 20g of oats if you want some carbs... up to you really. If I have them for breakfast I chuck in the oats, if for tea I take them out... the actual texture, etc doesn't change much to be quite honest.

Get your eggs and empty the egg whites into a measuring jug or similar.

Empty in your whey protein powder and oats (if you're using them). It will look gross at first and you will have to mix it for ages to get it smooth.

Once mixed empty into a non-stick frying pan. A tip I like is heat it up, then spray that 1 calories oil stuff on it five times... I never have a sticking issue then! :P

Once cooked it will look something like this:

Now I like jam on my pancakes but obviously we are going for low calories so I went for puree instead. Where as jam has about 250-300 calories per 100 grams and 60-70 grams of sugar. Puree has about 80 calories per 100 grams and about 10 grams of sugar. OBVIOUSLY YOU DON'T USE 100 GRAMS!!!