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Thread: Symmetry Question

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    Symmetry Question

    What routine helps even out your physique the best? The heavy core training with sqauts and deads or the more advanced routines with a few more isolations? My left bicep, lat, and trap are driving me crazy.
    I'm currentlyworking WBB1. If theses kinds of routines help then great.. I'll just wait it out. If not then crap...I'll still have to wait it out till I progress enough to a more advanced routine. Goodnews is I'm still gaining size and strength. Thanks

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    as long as you got your compounds in there, squats, deads, bench, shoulder press, pullups, your in good shape. all the good stuff is in those exercises, everything else can either be a plus, a waste of time or lead to overtraining. you will be good with wannabebig 1.1, i think maki did a good job with the loading parameters, just as long as you follow them

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    WBB 1.1 is fine. You just have to be consistent, sometimes these things take time.

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    Ok thanks I'll just keep doing what I'm doing. I wasn't gonna change anything about my routine yet. I'm still gettting stronger and growing so no need to change. I just wasnt sure if this program was going to take care of the uneven symmetry or if it would come later. Thanks for the help.

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