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Thread: lats sore after push up's?

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    lats sore after push up's?

    Earlier today I decided to do some push up's..which I rarely do because I normally have a pretty good chest day every week with bench, dumbbells, etc. But right now they are sore just from doing push up' come? Must they really be that weak? I normally do some lat workout on back day so I'm surprised to even feel anything after simple push up's.

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    The apostrophe does not go there, sir

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    Quote Originally Posted by cdavis50 View Post
    I normally do some lat workout on back day
    Umm, I would hope so...

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    Well it's a different exercise, you probably don't do push ups that much, that's why. It's lower weight, but way higher rep, usually.

    EDIT: Sorry, I misread. Your lat soreness is most likely not due to your pushups, at all.
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    It is most likely not your lats, but your serratus, which at their point of insertion can feel like the lats (runs underneath).

    You most likely do not have great serratus activation.

    A lot of trainees have poor serratus function, meaning they can't protact and upwardly rotate the shoulder blade whilst keeping it running tight to the rib cage i.e. shoulder blade is unstable and anything connected to it suffers i.e rotator cuffs etc.

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    I think that's pretty common for some people (myself included) when they haven't been keeping up w. the exercise - the lats extend the arm from the shoulder and internally rotate the arm, so they are certainly working during a push-up.
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