( uh! Man man burst and tissot cosmetic, are very the thing of the heart, look at this guy is not idiot, how to cry than the source five Lang also sissy! )
Perhaps because of replica watches the injury was heavy, Lan Siluo quickly know the use of the expression should take before, if he was sleeping in the past.
" Boss, the second, you need to come out now!" Snow from zenith watches the door head out, if he fainted after confirmation of flowers, the rest being called out, discuss.
Lan Siluo would spend if hung circumstances, recount them, said:" I have an idea, it is home to east by, we should hold the kid to win, after his bride, treasure to us, both feel at ease and justified, and make a good tissot australia thing, you think?"
The first reaction is, all already be chopard accustomed to sneer male. Flowers, sing:" praise him? By what? Don't forget your risk one's head, there is no tomorrow did not know, what people want to go."