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Thread: John O's log to 1,607 @ 242 raw

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    John O's log to 1,607 @ 242 raw

    I'm going to start a 531 based strength program in mid March based on a template Tom Mutaffis was kind enough to suggest. I'm reading 531 now and have a vacation lined up in March, hence the delay. I thought I might as well start a log anyway and appreciate any tips, advice, or suggestions. I train three days a week. These are this weeks workouts.

    Workout #1 (pulling) deadlifts: 225x8 convential
    315x6 alternating raw
    405x3 straps
    375x3 alternating raw
    365x3alternating raw
    reverse hypers 120 lbs 2x10, high pulley rows (wide) 120x15 (medium) 150x11(close)225x10
    bodyweight chinsx5, 60 lbs. assistance 2 sets of 6 drag curls 50lbs 11,10x

    Workout #2 (pressing) decline bb bench: index on ring 135x8
    middle on.. 225x6
    pinkie. 275x5
    thumb from smooth315x3
    pinkie. 295x4
    thumb. 295x3
    flat db press 110 6x, 6x, 60 lbs. (quick) 15x
    Overhead db tri presses 80 lbs 12x, 100x10, 125x6
    Arnold presses 60lbs 8x, 55 5x drop set to 32.5 4x
    lateral db raise 25x10, 15x10
    rotator pulley 30x8
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