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Thread: Exercises for my neck and forearms?

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    Exercises for my neck and forearms?

    I need exercises for my neck and forearms. They're very skinny especially my neck. I'm already doing the SS training as follows...

    Bench Press

    Overhead Press

    Bench Press

    I didn't add any of my own exercises so far I've stayed strictly to the given format. But I feel like my neck and forearms are so thin I can wrap my thumb and index finger around it my forearms. And my's very slim too.

    Edit: I want to show pics but I need a
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    Do that routine and eat a lot. They will grow with the rest of your body.

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    Why are so many people worried about their forearms? The only way you're going to get them big is when the rest of you is huge. And if you do somehow get them disproportionately larger than the people who have them who deadlift 5 plates for reps then you're going to look stupid (but you never will). Deadlift, don't use straps on pulls. Do preachers and hammers. Eat. And wait.

    Edit - The same rings true for a neck. You're routine will definetely get you there, but it's going to take time. Don't gauge progress by these miniscule muscles and one day you'll wake up and realize they did get freaky big.
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