Just wanted to let everyone know the status of some of the issues that have been spotted.


  • top nav not showing (new posts, faq, search etc..)
  • fixed width vs. full width - create a full width version as a 2nd choosable skin
  • extra space at bottom of post (between last line and sig)
  • rebuild search index so that search will display full results (20% done)
  • register and other link is blue font on blue b/g. Make consistent with logged in links
  • swap last post and total threads/posts columns on forum home and forum display pages
  • add in alternating colors for posts


  • posts unusually narrow
  • latest/more recent articles header section not displaying on forum and thread pages
  • latest/more recent articles header section needs tidying up for fixed width
  • last post username not showing in subscribed threads section in settings/usercp
  • go to last post arrow doesn;t take you to last post, just top of thread

I'll be keeping this up to date in the issues/bugs thread in the feedback and suggestions forum!