I had a log on here that was dropped off due to inactivity. I am a competetion Bench Presser who trains with a Powerlifting Team headed up by Jesse Kellum and under the wing of many other team members including Eric "Big Eze" Downey and many others, so need less to say I have a good support structure behind me. I will not call myself a Powerlifter till I train in all three lifts on a regular basis, and this log will contain the full spectrum of training.

I got a little burnt out with everything for a little while there. I was training to keep my strength up but not 100% like I should. It was the two year anniversary of my daughters birth and death, the holidays, etc. Everyone's got excuses and side stories they deal with but I made it through, found my determination again, and overcame. Ii'mm BBAACCKK