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Hm... interesting. I kind of still want to order some of it along with the creatine and try it, although I guess if I'm taking it with creatine there'd be no way for me to know which one is benefiting me. Tingling? Lol.

Also, do you guys still use creatine while cutting?

And Behemoth, when would be a more fitting time to eat bananas then?
Definetly worth trying, I mean a lot of people report good things about it. I was just kind of ranting about the tingle, so what... it makes you tingle people, get over it lol

Creatine is definetly tried and true and worth you money. I doubt many people would argue against that.

I absoluetely use creatine while cutting. It will be in my supplementation all the way up to and through my show day.

And about the bananas... I was kind of being a smart ass and making it too technical. ANYTIME is a good time to eat bananas! And really, it doesn't matter whether you want to use dextrose or fruit, I was just being a little facetious. You'll likely never notice the difference if you used one or the other for years consistently.

Lord knows I've eaten plenty of bananas including (but not limited to) post workout! I've also used dextrose post workout. By science the latter is better but it's never worth making that technical at our level....