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Just ****in with you Fix. It's okay to be normal, and I doubt your abs are gonna wash off just because you eat a burger and some dessert. But don't let this ***** happen again!
Yeah bro. True that. Except I ate half a brownie today. Lol. So damn good.

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pfft dr phil haha. dont get discouraged... i get shot down probably 75% of the time. but i have absurdly high standards also.. either way, dont get discouraged. confidence and a smile is what will make or break you... having a really pretty dog helps too. i have a stunning purebred labrador.. he melts the women's hearts, even if random women are disgusted with me, they cant help but stop to play with him
Yeah. I know what you mean. I have pretty specific standards. Most girls who guys will say are so hot I would say are meh because of maybe just one thing about her that bothers me lol. I mean, at the end of the day, I'm either attracted to a girl or I'm not, but they usually have to fall into a pretty narrow category. Whether or not one would call that a "high" standard, I dunno, but perhaps is more of my subjective ideal.

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Dogs are great for that. I got shot down for relationships, like actual relationships all the time, until I met my wife, then it was like...I'm done, she's all I'll ever need in this life. Keep your head up son, you're young, dedicated, it'll work. You're in Cali bro...gotta be all kinds of tail chasin after you.
Thanks bro. Eh... I think part of the problem is I don't really like the whole Cali girl thing that much to be honest. Overrated IMO. It's not really my target area haha.

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C'mon fix...you gotta quit bein so damn picky broseph.

Now you know my wife reads my log to check up on me, and she'd probably stumble across this if I posted a response, so I won't, suckers. (either in the pic light blu) hush.
Lol. Well, even though I am rather picky myself, chev was regarding f=ma not me XD