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Thread: sometimes it just clicks...

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    sometimes it just clicks...

    been watching alot of squat vids...been focusing on correcting my form issues and yesterday was by far the best squat day I've ever had technique wise. I kept my chest WAY up, back SUPER tight and sat back and between my legs. I THOUGHT I was WAY high..but turns out I was sitting almost straight up like I was in a chair WELL below parallel! My body stopped me too from going deeper but my hams were on my calves and the ascent was EFFORTLESS!

    only worked up to 315 before my back apparently I'm going ot have to do alot of rehab and not rush left erector is just plain trashed. HOWEVER i felt I left on the best note in a long time!
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    Your right. By focusing on the little thigns for so long eventually they just become habit. Glad to see your training is on the up
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