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Thread: Rehbands Knee sleeves

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    Rehbands Knee sleeves

    I am going to order a pair up....any idea on what size i should get. I don't have any knee issues so am really just ordering these for a bit of extra compression/support/rebound on max lifts at meets since i lift raw.

    I figure a bit smaller would be better, but not sure how small to go? My knee measurement per Rehband is like 36cm which puts me on the M (33-36cm). So should i stay w/ a M or get a Small for a tighter fit?
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    I was 39cm which meant that I was right between a L (36-39) and a XL (39-whatever)

    I went with the large and am VERY happy with the size.

    Go with the medium IMO, small may be too tight

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    I'd say med.
    I fit in the XL and ordered a L and it fits perfectly. But I'd say being on the top end you should probably go with that size.
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