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    Hey guys, and gals.

    here is my new push/pull/legs routine.

    weighted dips 2X5-9
    Incline DB press 2X5-9
    seated military press 2X5-9
    DB lateral raise 1X6-10
    Close gripd BP 1X5-9

    weighted chins 2X6-12
    bent over BB rows 2X5-9
    corner rows 2X5-9
    deads 2X6
    BB curls 1X6-9

    Squats 2X6-10
    lunges 1X6-10
    lying leg curl 2X6-10
    seated calf raise 2X8-15

    That is it. I would like to know you opinions on it. I would like to concentrate on bulking up everywhere, but with emphasis on shoulders, and upperback, especially the middle and upper traps. Also what do you think of doing the 2 sets of heavy deads and then doing 2 sets of heavy squats 2 days later? I love both lifts(deads, and squats), well actually I hate to do them, but I love the results.

    Any suggestions?

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    Looks pretty good. I would put the push day on Wed to seperate the squats and deads. What is a corner row?
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    I don't think that your lower back will be sufficiently recovered by Friday in order to really max out the squats. Latman's suggestion is good. I would recommend dropping either the deads or squats. If you drop the squats, do leg presses. If you drop the deads you can leave the order of your routine alone. I really don't think there is a need for both exercises and that having both can be detremental due to the extreme stress they place on your system (require a lot of recovery because they really tax the largest muscles in the body). I would also recommend dropping the bent-over rows and just doing the corner rows (I assume you mean makeshift t-bar rows). You don't need 2 rowing movements. If you include deadlifts, squats, and 2 types of rows you will end up with a chronically overtrained lower back. I would recommend a pressdown movement or the like for your tris. Otherwise you are doing 3 chest exercises that accomplish basically the same thing.

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    I really like Chris's suggestion about either dropping the deads or squats. I personally can't make progress on both the lifts each week because of my lower back being over worked. Since I have dropped doing deads and added barbell rows to my routine my back and squat have gotten much stronger.

    Chris, you know how a long time ago you wrote something about ............having a big squat will guarantee a big deadlift...but not vice versa. What did you base this on? I'm interested to know because it makes sense to me.

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