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Thread: Too LITTLE volume?

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    Too LITTLE volume?

    Due to ongoing wrist and shoulder issues I am finally having treatment from a physio. He told me to stop anything that exacerbates the wrist during the treatment to let it heal. This means I can't do overhead press and probably shouldn't do bench.

    Today my workout was Texas method volume day:
    Squat 5x5
    Weighted Chins 3x5
    2x8 Pec fly machine

    I should have done OHP 5x5 and a couple of sets dips instead of the pec dec. Press is out because of the wrist and dips are out because of the shoulder. I did pec fly because it doesn't involve the wrist and I needed to do something!

    My question is, can I get away with just doing squats, chins, deadlifts and rows? Or will my chest wither away? I've seen that some people like Sensei have been doing very abbreviated routines of squats, pull-ups and kettlebell stuff, but having no pressing at all scares me.

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    How about Smolov?
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    well, how long until it heals (roughly)?

    understand that athletes may go months at a time without benching or lifting at all in-season. I was one of them, and it never took me more than 4-6 weeks to get back to where i was before. I'm assuming your injury won't take an absurd amount of time to heal, so you probably won't lose much at all.
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    You can easily gain back anything you lose. Plus, the extra focus on the "pulling" structure can pay off in a BIG way when you return to "pushing."

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    Wrist injuries are apparently quite uncooperative, that's why I need to put as little stress on it as possible. Other body parts can withstand a bit more pressure and are usually easier to work around. I really don't know, but the deep massage on my arm does seem to be working so its just a case of getting my tendons to loosen up and letting the inflammation go down. I'm hoping I'll see a big improvement in 6-8 weeks. Which isn't that long I suppose.

    Off Road, that's what I'm thinking. Yesterday still destroyed me. I've learned there's a big difference between 5-6x5 and 3x5. Maybe cutting out the pressing will allow my body to focus its recovery efforts on my squat/deadlift and chins/rows.

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