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Thread: I want strong tendons and ligaments

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    I want strong tendons and ligaments

    Hey everyone im looking for advice for making my tendons ligaments and joints as strong as possible. for the past few months(started at the beginning of the summer), my workouts have been crap due to pains in my shoulders hips and now knee. squats hurt, deadlifts hurt, bench hurts, pullups hurt. im pretty much limited to arm workouts which isnt very productive. I start to feel better after a few weeks and workout hard again and then the pain will come back. So i come to you looking for advice to make my joints as strong as possible so that i can get back to some real weights in the gym. would ETS benefit me? should i cut out lifting all together? any advice is appreciated, thanks

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    We'd need to know more detail. How old are you? What does your routine look like? How long have you been training for?

    Is it a flexibility issue or is it actual joint problems? If it is flexibility issue, then for your shoulder for instance, you could do things like shoulder dislocations, specific exercises to isolate and strengthen the infraspinatus and some static stretching for your pecs. But if it is a serious case of tendinitis in your hip joint for instance then you'd need to consult a doctor, see what they say and possibly have something like ultrasound treatment.

    It's a massively vague area because "joint pain" could mean anything. As for strengthening ligaments, Brooks Kubik recommends the use of very heavy partials to condition them, but that's kind of a long term thing. Tendons and ligaments grow stronger at a slower rate than muscles, which is one of the reasons you sometimes need to deload. Strengthening the ligaments is a good idea, but a long-term project, and depending on your situation you may just need to do more static stretching, more mobility exercises, use better form and start taking lots of fish oil, as well as ibuprofen following exercise to reduce the acute inflammation.

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