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    TB's Training Journal

    Please make your first post, answers to the following questions as this will help your mentor get up to speed with your individual requirements.

    1) Current calorie intake and protein intake. If you don't know, don't answer.


    2) Do you have any current injuries going into this? We are unable to diagnose or treat, so basically anything that'll prevent you performing certain exercises.


    3) The program will for the most part be performed using basic barbell and dumb-bell exercises - is your exercise selection limited i.e. poorly equipped home gym etc?

    The only limitation I have is that I donít currently have a workout partner. I have a membership at a local Goldís Gym.

    4) How many days training can you commit to? And what days are they?

    I am not limited in terms of the days Iím able to train.

    If you do feel comfortable posting your pics, do that too as it will just make things easier for the mentors, but it's not essential.

    Pictures are as of 2/20/10.

    TB (aka tomsids)
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