1) Current calorie intake and protein intake. If you don't know, don't answer.

- Don't know. I eat when I'm hungry and have a protein shake in between meals.

2) Do you have any current injuries going into this? We are unable to diagnose or treat, so basically anything that'll prevent you performing certain exercises..

- I injured(dislocated) and had surgery to my right ankle a couple of years ago. The only real issue is pain and stiffness after playing sports and running which generally lasts 2-3 days. I'm still working on getting more flexibility. It has been coming along nicely.

3) The program will for the most part be performed using basic barbell and dumb-bell exercises - is your exercise selection limited i.e. poorly equipped home gym etc?

- I have access to barbells, dumb-bells(up to 140 lbs) and a squat cage at my local gym.

4) How many days training can you commit to? And what days are they?

- I can commit 4-5 days to training. I usually like to start off my training week on Fridays and go from there. I can do M-F and even the weekends. I guess it all depends on work and family/kids schedule, but my gym is open 24 hours/day, so I really have no excuse not to go.

I will get updated pics ASAP. I do have some old upper body pics in my sig.