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    Quote Originally Posted by Tom Mutaffis View Post
    ON Oats & Whey - You can continue to use this for breakfast. Are you using one or two scoops? Being that you are looking to gain mass I would mix the shake with skim milk and eat a banana along with your shake. This should provide you with a good balanced breakfast.
    I'm currently using one scoop, but I think two scoops would probably be more beneficial. I will look to implement using the oats & whey with skim milk for the next couple of days(should help me hit my macros)

    Quote Originally Posted by Tom Mutaffis View Post
    Let me know if you want to go through some of your dietary choices, and always make sure that you are getting some lean protein before bed (shake / tuna / cottage cheese / etc.).
    I'm currently eating a small 5 oz can of tuna before bed.

    Should I look to eat a really large breakfast if there will be a 4-6 hour window where I won't be able to eat. I just accepted a hospital job in the operating room, and was given the heads up that I may be working past my lunch break. Looks like I may have to cram my macros in between 5pm - midnight lol
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