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Thread: Overnight shakes

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vega View Post
    When you're sleeping you're burning less calories than when you are awake and the calories are converted to fat.

    Do some reading on energy balance.

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    night protein!

    over nite protein and extra
    calories, Dont eat before bed everybody knows that
    ur not suppose to do that..........!?
    Seriously ! Anybody who does not or has not
    tried adding the extra calories and protein in the middle of the
    night might just be very surprised by the results......

    If ur a beast in your gains now I will say that you most surely
    gain a huge edge. Your strength alone will merit ur
    5minute wake up in ur sleep cycle,
    Anyone who is serious about needing a kick in
    the ass to break a platue will benefit...

    I will post the shakes that I use to gain weight and strength
    in my heavy phase training later on!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Allen Cress View Post
    I defintley agree with Daniel. You should never interrupt sleep as it is a huge part in the recovery process. If you are up then its fine, but in my opinion quality deep sleep through the night is much more important.
    This. Never interrupt sleep. Your body won't fall apart and break itself down from sleeping. In fact you might even lose more muscle from waking up as you're interrupting your natural growth hormone cycle and spiking cortisol.
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