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Thread: Can I do shruggs one arm at a time?

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    Can I do shruggs one arm at a time?

    When I can't get to the gym and I gota use my own equiptment is it okay to do shruggs one arm at a time? See my dumbell set is only a 40lb set, and that means if I split it in between 2 dumbells its 20lbs each trap, but if I could stick all 40 on one dumbell and do each arm one at a time it would be twice the weight (which still aint much, but it's better than 20).
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    yeah, you could do that, the weight's light enough that it won't throw you off kilter.

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    yeah, and if you find you are off balance you can easily just do the sets with one arm clinging to a door jamb or something like that.
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    i have done one armed shrugs a lot.
    but use a the tricep push down or cable cross machine to do it.
    i put the cable to the bottom and shrug. the principle is the same.

    I do hold onto a bar to keep my body stable.
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