There are many many benchers out there and a majority of them on here are shirted benchers. Part of being a raw lifter is finding a routine that works for you but does not over work you. Geared routines include longer training weeks while raw routines are short and sweet. After evertime I go through a bench routine I barely get 5-10 pounds if anything and am really looking at bringing up my bench for my next meet in April.

Heres what I've done in the past for bench:
Week 1: 5x5
Week 2: 5x3
Week 3: 3x3
Week 4: 4x2
Week 5: New max
Week 6: Deload

Now these are all the of themajor sets I would do for the workout. I would usually add 3 board work and incline work as well.

Any raw rouitines that have worked for you guys in the past?