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Thread: Chest Builder

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    Chest Builder

    hey everyone I used to lift all the time in high school and then again when i was at college. Now I started working out again and coming to the end of my first 9 week program. The problem I have always had is no matter how much i lift or work my chest i can never seem to put on much size. Right now when i do my arm workout the look so much bigger then my chest. I was wondering if anyone had a good routine that will help me put some size and more strength onto my chest

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    post your program and stats (height, weight, and bench/dead/squat maxes) please

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    eat more and whatevers lagging behind will fill out. some of it is based on genetics as well.
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    It sounds as if your chest is a lagging bodypart which is nothing to be overly worried about, everyone has a bodypart that lags behind the others.

    Knowing your height and weight would be really useful.

    For example if you are 5,11 and 160lbs, quite frankly you don't need to be concerning yourself too much with specializing bodyparts. Things should come together as you put on weight and if they don;t you can address any lagging bodyparts when you are a lean 180lbs +

    If you are very experienced and have a well developed physique, you could experiment and try some different techniques for bringing your chest out more, but I am guessing you are going to be the former...

    Let us know!

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    Ok I am 5'8" 180 lbs right now. My max bench is 205 right now not sure on squat or dead lift just because i am getting back into lifting havent maxed out yet. when i was messing around with the thing where i wrok out it said i have a 13% body fat and 49.85 muscle bone make up. right now for my chest day i do 10,10,8,6,4 for bench and incline each time i go up 10 total pounds. decline is just 3 sets of 10. my sets of flys are 3 sets 20,10,20 on the middle set stepping up 10 pounds again. any more info?

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    As your bench gets stronger, your chest will grow. Right now you're a little on the weak side for your weight on bench, to have a big chest. When you're doing 315 for reps you will probably have already filled out your chest.
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    ok but what kind of routine will help me put more mass on my chest like how many sets/reps

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    Here are the routines listed on the "Routines" page.
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