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Thread: training is going great!!

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    training is going great!!

    Ok, I gotta tell you all that training within a team is awesome for powerlifting. I am currently training for the SPF Iron House Classic in COlumbus ohio on April 24th. The team consists of 4 strong guys. We all did the IPA senior nationals last year and worked out very well.

    Some recent highlights for my own training have been great. In the bench I hit 600 off a 2 board for 3, and then this week I hit 550 with chains off a 3 board for 3. so I am excited about the bench.

    Last night I hit 675 with 120 lbs of chains in the squat with my new titan squat suit and I think I finally got the hang of it! Hit depth and was very happy.

    The other guys are hitting some strong numbers too.

    But having 4 guys in a team training really is both inspiring and helpful. We all respect one another and we all push one another. But having 3 other guys to help with the monolift, hold boards, help with gear, or even just to brain storm training ideas has been awesome

    anyone else have experiances with team training?

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    I don't think anything beats training with a dedicated team. I trained with a team for about 6 months and I think within the first two months my total went up by 200 lbs. Unfortunately the main guy who organized it injured his shoulder and things fell apart. I'd love to get stuff going again, my gym has an am team but nothing going on in the pm.

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    Nelson Snyder
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    Thats great news steve keep up the good work.

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    Making the commute (even if it is a 5 hour round trip) to train with guys stronger than me was the absolute best thing I ever did for my numbers.

    When you see 700+ plus squats in briefs with the cambered bar, when you slap 700 on a straight bar and put your suit on, and you're used to seeing that much weight squatted day in and day out, its really not that heavy in your own mind.

    Its volumes harder trying to improve your strength in a place that not only has crap equipment, but where the guy benching 315 and squatting 275 is considered "big and strong."
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    Great to hear your training is going so well! I train at a commerical gym but it's still pretty hardcore all things considered... (they let me use chalk,bands,chains,etc.)

    They have a power rack & rubber matts in the corner for us PL'ers. I train w/ (2) BB'ers but they train very hardcore and are nearly as strong as me...

    They're always willing to help me w/ my gear, spots, lift-offs, etc. as I am with there training. We push each other every session & rarely miss a workout b/c we dont want to let each other down...(or hear all the sh** talk the next day)

    A team atmosphere really does make a difference!

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    Even though its only you out there on meet day this is still def a team sport.

    Sounds like you guys got things going in the right direction.
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    time to change that user name by about 600 lbs!

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