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Thread: Professions related to muscular anatomy?

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    Professions related to muscular anatomy?

    I'm in highschool right now and I'm right about at the point where my guidence counselor and everyone is starting to ask what direction I want to go in my life. After serious though I realized I enjoy learning about as well as training my body. I don't like anything like a doctor that does all kinds of other stuff like colds and stuff. But all I could think of was physical therapist and personal trainer. I'm surely not deadset on doing anything like this yet, I just want to know my options. Anybody got anything else? (besides professional bodybuilding)
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    sports doc


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    Strength coaching.
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    You can be a doctor without doing all the head cold stuff. You could go into a speciality like Orthopedic Surgery and specialize in sports medicine. Professional sports teams use them a lot.

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    Be a pro trainer.
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