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Thread: Progress Pics, Who Takes Them?

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    I take some every year or so, but generally I dont really care but than again I am not a bodybuilder so it does not matter to me as much. I am trying to drop some body fat and I think once I do that, than maybe every 6 months or so I will start to take them to compare to see what needs to be addressed training wise.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Travis Bell View Post
    So would the majority of you not really consider yourselves bodybuilders?
    I personally cant speak for others but for me personally i lift for me, and its for the fun of doing it. I do lift to lookgood but not to be a body builder.

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    I am taking them every couple of weeks at the moment, but really only because my diet coach (Shelby Starnes) needs them to see how I am progressing.

    The mirror/scale is what I use to judge my progress and I don't really need pics to back that up. I can see I am getting leaner and that's good enough for me!

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    Progress pics are essential for bodybuilding purposes but not so much for powerlifiting.

    But in any case it's always nice to look back to where you were, and realise you've made/not made such good progress. Take them every 4 months then you get to see an unfolding picture of your progress.
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