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    Commercial gym hell training

    I've been keeping a log on another site but apparently no one worth listening to posts or reads there anymore, so I decided to take a former training partner's advice and start posting my training here.

    I'm 22, 5'7"ish and 205 lbs-not that it really matters. For the time being I am training raw, which is probably good for me as I'm not very strong anyways.

    Last week's training:

    Press- worked up to 135x15, 95x10 x3
    DB Row- worked up to 145x10
    Tricep Bar Curl- 70x12 x3

    Sumo Pull- worked up to 385x5
    Good morning, Wide Stance- 135x10 x3 *beltless
    Leg Raise- 10 x3

    Bench- worked up to 260x10
    DB Floor Press- worked up to 95'sx12
    Pronated Chin- 6 x4
    Seated DB Clean- 25x15 x2

    Box Squat- worked up to 225+100 in chain for 8 doubles
    Glute/Ham Raise- 10 x3
    Pulldown Abs- 60x12 x3
    Rickshaw- suck x 10 50 yd trips

    First 4 work sets were slow as hell, corrected something, last 4 were rockets. I don't know how I did it, but I've managed to get into the habit of dropping my head when I squat and that needs to stop. I've been training alone for the past 8 months or so since I graduated and moved away from my old gym and training group. I drive a little over an hour to SC Barbell on Sundays to box squat but usually have to commandeer one of the bodybuilders training there in the afternoon to flip for me so no one yells at me for stupid stuff like looking down.
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