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Thread: A couple 5/3/1 questions.

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    A couple 5/3/1 questions.

    I feel like I've been stalling on my current routine(been at it about a year) and its time to switch things up a bit, plus I'm getting bored with it. So I've been thinking about Wendler's 5/3/1 routine and I was wonder.....

    1. Is it a good routine to do with a cut?
    2. Does AtLarge Nutrition sell the book?
    3.Any other opinions, thoughts or experiences on the routine.

    I know there is a bunch of threads on this already but for some reason WBB has been running slow for me and it was easier to start a new thread.

    Thanks in advance

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    1. It is a good routine for a cut. But at first, youll be using less weight than what you may be used to.

    2. No, but you can buy it here

    3. I've been using the routine for 2 months now and really enjoy it. I've done just about every kind of program I can think of and most of them seemed better "on paper." Well, I'm 2 months in and still looking forward to my workouts! I would recommend giving this routine a shot.
    First Bulk pics VS Starting pics, take a look!!

    Progress pics of a cut using bodyweight only movements

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    Rich answered your first two questions well, so ill only comment on the third one.

    I have done a couple of cycles now and what i like most is the flexibility. You can do the routine with a focus on powerlifting, bodybuilding, bulking, cutting, maintaining. It works well in many cases. I really enjoy the routine and i am doing it now with a focus on loosing fat.

    There are a lot of members on this site with a journal that are doing 5/3/1. You could look in that specific section to get more ideas on the routine.

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    It should work well with a cut, but make sure to start light with your training maxes. I'm trying to drop a little weight over the next few months (but not a huge cut), so I started with my training maxes at 85-88% of my actual maxes, instead of the usually recommended 90%. I'm hoping this modest reduction in starting poundages will compensate for any strength plateau due to the weight loss.
    One word of caution though. I jumped in the first week of the program with the boring but big assistance work and went full blast. You will get very, very sore if you do this and it may have a negative impact on subsequent workouts. This week I'll likely be only hitting the prescribed reps for the most part since I overdid it last week. So the lesson is to ease into the program over the course of the first cycle.

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    Thanks for the input guys !!

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