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Thread: The Benefits of WBB

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    The Benefits of WBB

    After seeing a few threads around thanking this site I thought it would be cool for us to share the advancements we have made since joining this site.

    Started in Spring of 2007:
    145lbs @ 5'10'' and 7%bf (rock climber/swimmer) and very weak (relative to lifting)

    PRs / Current Stats
    200lbs @ 11%bf
    DL: 475lb x 5
    OLY Squat: 335 x 3
    Weighted Pullup: 110lb x 5
    54'' box jump
    110kg Clean and Jerk
    90kg Snatch
    20 Rep squat @ 225lbs

    Soooooooo, thank YOU WBB!
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    Joined WBB in June 2009 after pretty good Hamstring Injury. Started from scratch on almost everything after that.

    Before Injury
    Weight: 197
    BF% 12
    Bench: 275
    Squat: 385
    Deadlift: 315 (This is how I hurt my hammy- bad dl form)
    20 Rep Squat (copying Zen's post): Never did

    After Injury/Joining WBB Current Stats
    Weight: 217
    BF% 13
    Bench: 300
    Squat: 475
    Deadlift: 455
    20 Rep Squat (copying Zen's post): 245 x 25 reps

    Thanks guys! My work ethic has always been good, but the knowledge was lacking. WBB helped me get the knowledge I needed to really start lifting hard!
    Most people pray for a lighter load in life...ever thought of praying for a stronger back?

    Goals as of 2/08/11 (current) goal:
    Squat: (505) 535, Deadlift: (475) 500, Bench: (325) 350 Total: 1305 (1385)
    BW: 225 as of 02/01/2011 Goal: 205 by May 1, 2011

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    i worked out for about 2 years prior to joining the site (nov 2009) with fragmented knowledge on the subject and a good chunk of it being misinformation that i read from random articles. i used to be a supplement whore, trying everything i could (and wasting money) to get that edge that never came. i finally learned through this site the few supplements i really need and its done my lifts, and bank account, a hell of a lot better.

    Current stats:
    Bench 1RM: about 190
    Deadlift 1RM: about 280
    Squat 1RM: about 220
    Current weight: 185

    i know these arent crazy numbers, but they are way above what i used to be able to do, and that was only about 4 months ago. they are still going up, as well as other lifts too. i learned to train hard and effectively, but smart. i used to look at working out as a chore, now i'm constantly eager to get back in the gym once i leave. if it wasn't for WBB id probably still be busting my ass with nothing to show for it, so thanks guys. this is definitely the best weight lifting site, so keep the greatness coming

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    Joined up 2 years ago but really only started reading in Nov 09. Started WBB 1.1 Jan 4 2010

    Started at
    Weight:199 lbs
    BF% 25-27
    Bench: 90lbs x 6 reps
    Hack Squat ( no rack available ); 110lbs x 6 reps
    Deadlift: 90lbs x 6 reps

    as of this morning

    Weight: 213lbs
    Bf% 20
    Bench: 145 x 8 reps
    Hack Squat: 210 lbs x 8 reps
    Deadlift: 215 lbs x 8 reps

    I have to say the advice of the experienced lifters on here is VERY helpful. Most places newbie questions get laughed at or squashed, here is the opposite, you guys are always willing to help or lend advice. Dan and Chris keep up the great work and thank you to everyone!
    Bench: Half a subway club
    Squat: to pee
    Deadlift: no thanks

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    well i joined over the summer in 2008, but since i couldn't ever get rides to the gym, i couldn't go consistently and was too scared to do the big lifts. I started lifting in May 2009 until soccer season, and then stopped for 4 months because of it- been going at it again for about 3 months now and these were my previous lifts @ the gym. I am 18, 5'9, 160.

    Squat- 105x5
    Dead- 115x3
    Bench- 95x4

    Squat- 190 x 5 sets x 2 reps (easy)
    Dead- 255x6
    Bench- 140x3x3 (easy)
    Clean- 135x4x3
    Front Squat- 135x5

    and all of them have been going up a lot lately! I am going to try for my 1 RMs at the end of march, and hopefully will get around a 225+ squat, 315 dead, 175 bench..

    thanks for all the help everyone!

    EDIT: 300th post -> PR!
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    Great stuff guys!

    I know there are more out there who have some great gains to share!

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    started lifting at the start of 2009 round the same time i joined wbb.

    Starting stats;
    weight - 140 lbs
    bench 35 Kg
    squat - 40 Kg
    shoulder press - 20 Kg

    current stats;
    weight - 180 lbs
    bench - 85 Kg
    squat - 105 kg
    shoulder press - 50 Kg

    thaks to wbb.
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    Started lifting Jan 09 and found WBB at the same time.

    Start: Jan 09:
    Bench: 120ish x 3
    Squat: less
    Deadlift: whats that?
    Body weight: 151lbs.

    Jan 2010:
    Bench: 240 x 5
    Squat: 305 x 5
    Deadlift: 325 x 5
    Body weight: 221 lbs

    Current: I have been in a caloric deficit since Jan 1, 2010.
    I am down to 204 and my top two abs are showing.
    My lifts have only suffered a bit with the weight loss.

    All thanks to reading, then applying what I learned, here at WBB.
    5'9". 34.-----------------------------BEST LIFTS-----------------------GOALS
    Bodyweight-------------------------BE 280 x 1------------------------BE 300 x 1
    Jan 2009: 151 lbs----------------SQ 365 x 2-----------------------SQ 400 x 1
    Jan 2010: 221 lbs----------------DL 405 x 1------------------------DL 500 x 1
    Current: 214 lbs
    bulking again -- working on my DL

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    i started lifting when i was 15 and i started posting on (and, more importantly, learning from) WBB about 4 months later. So it's hard to say how much it helped me since I was never without it, but if I were to wager a guess I would say that it helped me "a ****ing lot". My athleticism has increased astronomically since I started lifting after my Freshman year of High School and I attribute that largely to Deadlifting and Squatting, which I probably would not have focused on at all without the wise citizens of WBB telling me to. I still remember when I first started Deadlifting, and my Dad (former bodybuilder) said to me "you don't want to do Deadlifts". I was like...why not? He was just like "...cuz it's a dumb lift". lol. so glad i didn't listen, cuz now Deadlift day is my favorite day of the week. Thanks WBB, I might not even know what a Deadlift is without this site
    ::::::::::::::::::::Updated 9-16-11::::::::::::::::::::
    Deadlift 1x5 @ 408 Squat Max @ 370
    CG Bench 1x7 @ 225 Power Clean Max @ 235
    W Chinups 3x10 @ +50 Dips 1x5 @ +115

    Height - 6'3 Weight - 194lbs Age - 21

    "I've got a theory that if you give 100% all of the time, somehow things will work out in the end." - Larry Bird

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    My lifts have gone up but the knowledge I have gained from this site is unreal. I never warmed up properly, stretched, foam rolled, etc...
    Heck, I am doing lifts now that I didn't even know existed!!

    I joined this site around November of 08 and my PR's were..
    Squat - 225x1
    Bench - 210x1
    Dead Lift - 300x1
    OH Press - never did before

    One year later
    Squat 300x1
    Bench 260x1
    Dead Lift 425x1
    OH Press 125x5

    Thanks WBB!!!

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    Found this site when I was a bench/curl jockey fresh out of high school. I think at the time I was weighing around 160lbs soaking wet. Max bench was about 115lbs, never squatted, didn't even know what a deadlift was.

    I had my introduction to powerlifting here. Started squatting and deadlifting. WBB1 was the first program with leg training I ever did

    Now, I have a silver and bronze medals from CPU nationals. I've squatted 595, pulled 600 (in the gym) and benched 376. Thanks WBB!
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    Full Powerlifting
    Squat - 595lbs -- 270kg -- Dec. 31, '09 (Provincial Record @100kg class)
    Bench - 374lbs -- 170kg -- Dec 20, '08 (@100kg class)
    Dead - 589lbs -- 267.5kg -- Dec 20, '08 (Provincial Record @100kg class)
    Total: 1537lbs -- 697.5kg -- Dec 20, '08 (Provincial Record @ 100kg class)
    Bench Only -- 358lbs -- 162.5kg -- Nov. 25, '07 (Provincial Record @ 90kg class)
    Bench Only -- 376lbs -- 171kg -- Jan. 26, '08 (Provincial Record @ 100kg class)

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    Quote Originally Posted by cant hit bombz View Post
    Joined up 2 years ago but really only started reading in Nov 09. Started WBB 1.1 Jan 4 2010

    Started at
    Weight:199 lbs
    BF% 25-27
    Bench: 90lbs x 6 reps
    Hack Squat ( no rack available ); 110lbs x 6 reps
    Deadlift: 90lbs x 6 reps

    as of this morning

    Weight: 213lbs
    Bf% 20
    Bench: 145 x 8 reps
    Hack Squat: 210 lbs x 8 reps
    Deadlift: 215 lbs x 8 reps

    I have to say the advice of the experienced lifters on here is VERY helpful. Most places newbie questions get laughed at or squashed, here is the opposite, you guys are always willing to help or lend advice. Dan and Chris keep up the great work and thank you to everyone!

    +1 on Bomb'z post.
    I always like seeing his posts because we have pretty similar stats, and we started doing WBB 1.1 about a month apart.

    And my signature below is my "Thank you" to WBB.
    "A man can no more diminish God's glory by refusing to worship Him than a lunatic can put out the sun by scribbling the word, 'darkness' on the walls of his cell." ~ C.S. Lewis

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    The knowledge this site has to offer is the real golden ticket. A lot of experienced power lifters and body builders here as well as a few very knowledgeable Olympic lifters. The fact that all of these experts help and give input to lifters with other goals creates a great mesh for the wealth of knowledge here. The people are awesome as well.

    My current stats are pretty pathetic because I'm coming back from a broken kneecap.

    But before I came here I had never squatted or did a deadlift, weighed about 145 @ 6'2" and could bench 135 for a few reps.
    My 1RMs from almost a year ago(pre injury) were
    Squat: 260
    Deadlift: 295
    Bench: 245

    And I was about 185lbs, pretty lean too.

    Back to lifting again and have put together a home gym, hope to be at those numbers(and weight) soon, and past them shortly after.

    Keep up the good work WBB'ers.
    "Fine, if I'm not allowed to light it on fire, can my imaginary friend?"

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    Before I came here my routine consisted of 80 rep dumbell curls, and 30 rep dumbell presses, along with 1 set of situps to failure. This was done every day also. Luckily I found this site rather quickly and it convinced me to get a squat rack a barbell and a bench. Also with the help of people in the dieting section I lost 20kg (44lbs) on a cut.

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    I've learned so much on here from you guys. When I joined I was 400 pounds, weak as heck, and couldn't run a mile. Now I'm around 340, squatting 315x4, and can run 3 miles without having to stop. I still have a very long way to go but I'm making progress, and I know the constant help and motivation I get from all the people here has been a massive help.
    "Light Weight"

    260's by May

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    When I found this site I was doing nothing but isolation work with some dumbbells I had at home. I wasn't squatting and didn't even know what a deadlift was. After reading this site for a bit I got a half rack, a bar, some plates and started squatting, deadlifting, and benching. My bench was at 180, squat about 180 and the most awkward move ever, and deadlift 220. Now I'm at:

    Bench: 235 (hit 225x3 this week so should bust through 235 on my next 1rm max day)
    Squat: 285
    Deadlift: 380

    I also now have a full rack, bands, and am adding chains. My weight has stayed the same at 6'4" 250lbs but I've lost 3" off my waist size and have a visible difference in my arms, shoulders, and legs. All great stuff and all thanks to WBB.
    My Journal

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    I've been a long time member of this site, but it wasn't until I actually started doing research and reading on the topic of strength training I finally got my act together.

    This site introduced me to Starting Strength and the concepts of heavy eating and heavy compound lifting. This has made all the difference.

    The past 7 years I would hit the gym off and on, not making serious progress. I had a half-assed routine that made me somewhat stronger, but no where close to where I am today.

    In September '09 I dieted down to 159 (From 165lbs w/ a beer gut) while doing body weight work and hill sprints. October began my heavy eating and lifting protocol. I began SS and almost GOMAD.

    Today, naked, I weigh 190lbs and my recent PR's are listed in my sig.
    My 10 week cut results

    "Sweat in training so you don't bleed in battle."

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    new jersey
    I went from 152 - 172
    At 152 Squatting- 185
    Benching 135
    Deadlifting 225

    at 172
    I squatted 295 3x5
    Benched 190 6x6
    Deadlifted 295 3x5

    Since then I've started running again and my lifts have dropped but WBB has helped me tremendously so, thank you WBB!
    Work hard. Stay humble.

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    Been here for some time, in retrospect I should have started with a more basic routine and worked up from there ( I did end doing this later though ) but I guess I like to learn the hard way. One thing that I have noticed going threw my past 2 years of workouts is that I have gotten a little bit stronger but not a whole lot stronger, and I realize that certain things and a lack of real planned progression have held me back so that is going to change starting monday. I have improved my form and it is day and night compared to how it was years ago and have gained a good amount of mass ( just need to cut out the fat ) so the last two years have not been a complete waste.

    Some of my lifts ( I have an RC issue so my bench and ohp are really bad not even worth posting, but my RC is alot better than it used to be ).

    Deadlift - 445x1
    Squat - 345x1
    Rack pull ( knee high ) 500x5
    Deadlift - 405x4 ( could have got 5th but no belt and lower back was not happy )
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    Improved my form a lot. Began squating. Began deadlifting. Began much more compound movements.
    I only joined a little bit ago so my numbers havn't gone up much, but I feel incredible compared to how I used to.
    Edit: also my routine is wbb 1.1, which I obviously owe to this site.
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    The biggest benefit I've gotten from WannaBeBig is the help I've gotten on increasing my conditioning and work capacity. I never put enough emphasis on my conditioning and work capacity and it was definitely holding back my progress. Now, with increasing my volume and focussing on conditioning, I've made some noticeable progress. When I first started journaling my workouts here, I "huffed and puffed" my way through 300 lb high rep squats, absolutely brutal breathing. Today I repped out 300 x 20 without a single pause, just bang-bang. That's good progress in my book. Thanks to you guys.

    Off Road Journal

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