I happened to notice vdizenzo's sig where he linked his Penguin Plunge donations page. We're doing the same thing here in Indy this weekend (calling it the Polar Plunge, still for Special Olympics) and I started wondering how many people we have here that actually participate in charity events.

This year, I'll be participating in:

Polar Plunge this weekend and our team managed to pull in a major radio station as a sponsor
Humane Society Mutt Strut in May (walk your dog around Indianapolis Motor Speedway)
American Cancer Society's Relay For Life in June
Gleaner's Food Bank Zombie Walk in October

Each event requires fundraising efforts. Since my uncle died of cancer in November 2008, the one I enjoy the most is Relay For Life. Our team puts on a whole lot of events for it, most notably a singles auction. Last year, we brought in about $3000 from the auction alone and the whole team pulled in 5 digits in about 3 months of fundraising. This year, we'll be holding the auction again as well as beer pong, poker, and/or pool tournaments and there's some talk of a 50/50 raffle across all the charities.

I remember Mike Wolfe has put on a bench press meet around Christmas for a kids' charity the last few years but is there anyone else here that participates in charity events or does volunteer work or anything like that?