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Thread: last 10lbs

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    last 10lbs

    Has anyone done the following program:
    (figure athletes etc.)

    I'd like to do it but I will be changing my diet and probably will not be taking the supplements mentioned.

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    Doesn't look good at all. Some problems (just from a quick cursory scan):

    The goal of the program is see abs, yes? Just cut calories while lifting heavy and you can accomplish that. Diet is the key here

    Also they say you need 176 grams of protein if you are 200 lbs. That's an awfully precise number. Wouldn't 175 or 177 grams work just as well? That's only 4 calories more or less (an extremely minuscule number)

    But the routine is the one I have the biggest problem with. They want you to do ten rounds of eight exercises each in addition to your regular routine. SO eighty reps per workout plus whatever you regularly do (and do this 3-4 times a week). And that's only for the first week. The second week they want you to DOUBLE the amount of reps (160) and the third week triple (240). And that's just one workout (not the 3-4 times weekly). Plus each week you are adding five pounds to the bar and doing a lot of cardio.

    And the kicker is that you will be doing all this on a calorie-restricted diet.

    Sounds to me like a recipe for overtraining.
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    See my answer to your other thread ...

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