Ive been mildly bulking since september. I have gained 15 lbs total with 4 lbs of it being muscle at best. I went from 135 to 150. Im 5'2" male.

I have been using a tape measure method where you measure your waist, hips, forearm and wrist, put it into a calculator with weight and age and gender to get bf measure. This is the method I have been using for the past several years so I use it as a tool of gain or loss.

My macros on this bulk have been around 45%carb, 30%fat, 28%protein give or take on any particular day and around 2400 cal give or take. I had moved the protein down and the carbs up when I started the bulk. It was not as clean as I wanted, but not total crap either.

I guess im a real endomorph since the main growth has been in waist and hips. from 37" to 39.5" hips and from 34" to 38" waist with maybe an inch on chest, thighs and neck,.

I need to lean up for summer now and am real bummed at the total crap this bulk ended up in. I really have been looking into PH to help lean myself out but I really wanted to stay natural.

Can some folks chime in and help me alter my diet and nutrition to better work a recomp?

My meals are as follows:
Breakfast= spinach, kashi cereal, uncle sam cereal, flax oil

meals 2-5= lean meat( chicken breast salmon, steak) , whole grain or starchy carb(brown rice, quina, potato), fibrous veggies (green beans, brocolli, squash, red pepper)

pre and post workout whey and fruit(only 3 days per week)

Throughout the months, there have been snacks of icecream and junk here and there.

My workout was a full body each workout 3 times a week with 2 to 3 work sets of 6 to 8 reps . I have since moved to a 3 day full split (lower/push/pull) with each group hit once a week with 6 sets of 12. I like that better.

What advice can anyone share that will help me with a solid recomp so I can stop thinking about resorting to PHs?