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    Wrist Wrap Question (And Now a Knee Wrap Question Update 3/2)

    You guys have helped me countless times and I turn to you again here!

    As I start handling 300+ on bench more and more I think it's time to get some wraps as I get some slight wrist discomfort.

    I ordered APT Convicts, but they emailed me back and said they were out of stock. I checked EFS and their customer service said they should get the Heavy wraps in next week, but they do have Super Heavy Wraps in stock.

    APT is also out of stock of ZRVs but they have Black Mamba's and Black Reapers.

    Inzer is another option.

    Does anyone have an opinion? You guys have never steered me wrong!


    Now I'm looking into knee wraps. Not necessarily going to buy them today, but I'm thinking about it. How much wrap should I use? 3 meters? And what knee wraps are recommended? I generally see Convicts being pimped alot. How are the Mamba knee wraps? ZRVs?

    Any other suggestions?
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