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Thread: Cardio and lifting

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    Cardio and lifting

    Hey, I was just wondering if cardio is more beneficial pre or post workout or if it perhaps depends on the type of cardio you're engaging in?
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    If you are going to combine the two on the same day, I would do cardio after lifting. I wouldn't want to try and pull a big deadlift when I was already tired and drained from cardio.

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    If there ever comes a time that I have a desire to do cardio, my thought is that I'll do a slow walk in the morning right after I wake up, and before my first meal. Maybe 2-3 miles worth, 5 days a week or so. But my goals may be completely different from yours. If I was younger and still played basketball/football...I'd be doing my cardio much more intensely and after I lifted...probably 3x a week.
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